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Obsidian HeatShield

Sale price$395.00


1) Ripstop Nylon fabric w/ a blackout layer added for complete darkness in direct sunlight

2) 6-pole hub system w/ Heavy Duty fiberglass poles

3) 6 separate aluminum poles keep the HeatShield raised above the Obsidian shelter

4) Buckles at each corner for quick attachment/detachment  

5) Stainless Steel "D" rings provide easy attachment points for tie-downs 

6) Carrying case w/ high-quality YKK zipper


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Heat Shield - Buy it! Don’t Leave home without it!

First, I am not paid by this company. My shelter and accessories were purchased solely by me. Just a very satisfied client.

The Shield. You wouldn’t buy a performance sport’s car and place bald tires on it. The Shield makes this shelter a “system”. A “high performance” system.

Yes, the shelter comes with a completely adequate rain fly for wet weather and the Shield is an extra expense. Buy it! You’ll forget about the expense the first time you are under the blazing sun.

The Shield will protect you from a down poor as well as the fly but the reflective surface of the shield and space that is maintained between it and the top of the shelter via the six aluminum poles, allows cooling air to circulate over the structure, cooling the interior of shelter. Too kool? Yes, to cool!

The thought and engineering that has gone into this product is amazing every time I look at it. The combination of the Shelter, Shield, Ground Mat, is the most I have ever spent on a “Tent”. I don’t regret any of it!

What I received was a folding condo that will last us for years.

Thanks RDS!

Clayton Thorne
Can a tent be too dark?

I bought this tent for Jeeping trips and pack in bed of my 2500. It’s a huge tent both broken down and setup. Setup is simple but the first time when the floor isn’t zipped in it can be a bit confusing but after you get the floor in it’s super simple the subsequent times. With all the 16 windows and vents sealed it’s like your in a cave. No light at all gets inside the blackout material. The skirt around the outside edge funnels water away from the tent so there highly unlikely an issue of water getting under the tent but the floor is a thick vinyl material so it’s not going to leak like a normal tent.

Take down is super easy. Just remember to leave a few windows cracked or the air will take forever to get out cause it’s so well sealed. After it’s flat on the ground your just start working it back into its packed shape. It’s a bit like trying to wrestle a giant octopus with all the legs but after you get your technique down it’s not as hard as the first few times.

The the actual easy part which is getting it back in the bag it came out of. This isn’t like trying to put a Christmas tree back in the box after using it. The bag has plenty of room to fit it back in there after it’s been used. The tent actually comes with compression straps to help cinch it down so if you can’t get it in the bag you didn’t do it right. I’ve been able to get it in every time with out issue.

It’s definitely not a backpacking tent. This thing is huge broken down and set up and one person can awkwardly carry it but it’s really a two person job to carry but one person can easily set it up.

Love the tent and I’ve tried their competitor hub style tents and the RDS Obsidian is far and away the best.