$1,195 $1,500

The Obsidian series shelter has a 6-8 person capacity with approx. 107 sq/ft of interior space 

2 doors and a 16 window design featuring "NO-SEE-UM" mesh screens for a near 360° view

Engineered for all seasons & climates! 60-gram insulated 600D quilted walls with a blackout interior for day sleeping. Comparison video of competitor's "Darkout" fabric: 

Set up to accept a duel hose A/C unit (up to 6" max size ports w/ drawstring closure) 

High-quality YKK zippers on all windows, doors, ports & vents 

4 Zippered Roof Top Vent Ports for extremely effective ventilation   

2 Zippered Electrical Cord Ports 

1200D Reinforced Top Corners

1200D Reinforced Side Hubs

Removable Top Hanging Pocket 

2 Removable Side Hanging Pockets

Waterproof Rainfly w/ Guy Lines (upgraded zippered design) 

Removable 1200D PVC Coated Waterproof Floor w/ Heavy Duty Zipper 

CPAI-84 Flame Resistant Certified 



WHATS INCLUDED: Obsidian Shelter w/ Heavy Duty Zippered Bag, Rainfly (upgraded design), Removable Floor, Removable Top Hanging Pocket, 2 Removable Side Pockets, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stakes & Tie Down Ropes (Ratcheting ropes sold separately)


Patent: US D939,657

Obsidian tents are pop-up tents designed for a variety of uses including general camping, emergency, and disaster relief situations. These shelters are made from high-quality, durable materials and are built to withstand extreme weather conditions. They feature a patented design allowing for a near 360° view and a deployment system that allows for easy and fast setup, typically within seconds.

One of the main advantages is their versatility. In addition to being a high-end camping tent, they can be used in a wide range of uses, including emergency and disaster relief scenarios, such as providing temporary shelter for evacuees, military, emergency responders, and first responders. Additionally, they are designed for easy transportation and storage, with a heavy-duty carrying case made from 1200D waterproof fabric for convenient transport by car, truck, or aircraft.

Obsidian tents are made with a 600D heavy-duty quilted wall fabric that is water-resistant, flame-resistant, and UV-resistant. Also, with 1200D waterproof reinforced corners and hubs, it is designed to withstand high winds and heavy rain, making it suitable for use in a variety of extreme conditions.

Obsidians also feature convenient webbing loops on both the inside and outside of every rooftop corner. This allows you to hang a variety of products not limited to LED rope lighting, LED bulbs, toiletry organizers, etc. Along with zippered air conditioning ports and electrical ports, which allow for added comfort and external power sources.

If you’re searching for a 4 season tent that will look good in the field and have maximum durability, look no further.

Customer Reviews

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Where do I start?! So much room for activities!! 🤔

As the title suggests, this thing is huge and yes that is a Step Brothers reference. 🤣 From the build quality to the ease of setup this thing really has it all. I purchased all the add-ons and I couldn't be happier that I did. The heat shield in the middle of the summer in the desert is a godsend. The AC helps too, but it gives you some time before you need it...at least like 10-11am, try to do that with another tent...you won't. And in a blackout and I mean blackout tent. Keep a light handy, for real

I spoke with the RDS team and they helped me out with a couple of issues I had, in regards to AC vaccum issues and the heatshield. They answered everything I asked in great detail and then some, their customer service team is second to none.

The tent footprint you place down beforehand to make sure nothing pokes through is so thick you'd have to be camping on spike strips for it to make a dent and the bag for that is a legit heavy duty bag as well. In fact the bag for the tent is of a great quality too, with heavy duty handle straps and cinch straps as well, none of that oh I didn't do it right crap. It fits, and with the accessories. Although with those, it is pushing it if you don't cinch it better. The zippers are great, the base is easy to assemble once you find the red starting point, do it once and you're a pro. The interior clip-on storages are easy to put in and can be moved wherever needed, well except the center of course. The16 windows are great along with the top vents when needed,along with the no-see-ums mesh, the power port, AC ports...They seriously really thought of it all. I'm grabbing some more straps and the case for them as well once it's out for sure. RDS just makes legit quality gear, period.

Seriously, if you're on the fence about buying it. Come on over, it's nice over here, you'll like it, trust me.

My only gripe, if you can even call it that is...I gotta know, what strong man did you get for the youtube video? Was it that weightlifter who poses as a janitor, just lifting up crazy weights to mop under stuff? 🤣 Because if you can shoulder this bag without leaning you're awesome! It's a marketing thing, so I get it, but man that first time was like, whew, didn't see that coming hahaha.

But seriously, you guys are awesome, and I really appreciate everything you guys have made and helped me out with along the way. You truly are a cut above and it shows.



Jonathan Spencer
Excellent shelter for longer term use.

I purchased this shelter for military training where I have to live out of it for weeks at a time. I added a cot and have been very impressed with the ease of use as well as build quality and features. I'll be spending some winter weather in it soon so I may review how it does using a small heater and extended time frames in the cold. It's got plenty of room and coupled with a few cots or decent beds and you feel right at home anywhere. I've even convinced some coworkers to get one!

The best tent I've ever had

I have been into camping since I was in cub scouts as a kid, and have camped an uncountable amount of times through the years.
I have used so many tents, but none have compared to the quality and ease of use like the Obsidian.
I cant recommend this tent enough.
Anyone looking for a tent to use for a nice weekend will absolutely fall in love with it.

Lawrence Domenico

setup was fairly easy for me , though instructions are vague at best , nothing on the floor install ? i must say this tent/shelter is very well made, and heavy for one person, but it can be done.

Such an incredible tent

I used this shelter for burning man and was so happy I chose the over their competitor. The blackout material and all the other features amazing