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The Obsidian series shelter has a 6-8 person capacity with approx. 110 sq/ft of interior space 

2 doors and a 16 window design featuring "NO-SEE-UM" mesh screens for a near 360° view

Engineered for all seasons & climates! 60-gram insulated Oxford 600D walls with a blackout interior for day sleeping. Comparison video of competitor's "Darkout" fabric: 

Set up to accept a dual hose A/C unit (up to 6" max size ports w/ drawstring closure) 

High-quality YKK zippers on all windows, doors, ports & vents 

4 Zippered Roof Top Vent Ports for extremely effective ventilation 

2 Zippered Electrical Cord Ports 

1200D Reinforced Top Corners

1200D Reinforced Side Hubs

Removable Top Hanging Pocket 

2 Removable Side Hanging Pockets

Waterproof Rainfly w/ Guy Lines (upgraded zippered design) 

Removable 1200D PVC Coated Waterproof Floor w/ Heavy Duty Zipper 

CPAI-84 Flame Resistant Certified 


WHATS INCLUDED: Obsidian Shelter w/ Heavy Duty Zippered Bag, Rainfly, Removable Zippered Floor, Removable Top Hanging Pocket, 2 Removable Side Pockets, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stakes & Tie Down Ropes (Ratcheting ropes sold separately)


Patent: US D939,657

Introducing the Obsidian Shelter: an unparalleled tent engineered for excellence in camping, emergency response, and disaster relief missions. Crafted from premium-grade, ultra-durable materials, these shelters are meticulously constructed to brave the harshest of elements. With an innovative patented design, they offer an unparalleled near 360° panoramic view and a rapid deployment system that ensures swift setup in mere seconds.

Versatility lies at the heart of the Obsidian Shelter. Beyond its role as a superior camping tent, it emerges as a lifeline in diverse scenarios, catering to evacuees, military personnel, emergency responders, and first responders alike. Transport and storage are effortless, thanks to its heavy-duty 1200D waterproof carrying case, facilitating convenient conveyance by car, truck, or aircraft.

Forged from resilient 600D insulated Oxford wall fabric, fortified with water-resistant, flame-resistant, and UV-resistant properties, Obsidian tents stand as bastions against the forces of nature. Strengthened further by 1200D waterproof reinforced corners and hubs, they remain steadfast in the face of heavy winds and torrential downpours, ensuring steadfast protection in the most extreme conditions.

Enhanced with thoughtfully integrated features, Obsidian shelters boast webbing loops on every rooftop corner, both inside and out, enabling the attachment of various accessories including LED rope lighting, toiletry organizers, and more. Zippered air conditioning ports and electrical ports offer additional comfort and connectivity, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

For those seeking a tent that transcends seasons, blending durability with aesthetics seamlessly, the Obsidian Shelter stands as the ultimate choice. Whether you're seeking a rock-solid camping tent or a versitle shelter for unpredictable situations, this tent delivers unmatched performance and peace of mind. Experience the Obsidian for yourself – where resilience meets refinement.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Camper

We haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but we set it up in the yard after delivery. It shipped immediately. This is everything they say it is. We used to use a Coleman octagon 98 with the full rain fly. So we are used to using large tents of this shape. It was great in the winter months in the south, but the southern summers were brutal. The Obsidian is not your ordinary tent.
You can tell the quality of the Obsidian as soon as it’s delivered. It came in a heavy duty cardboard box with straps around it, and when you feel the material of just the bag it comes in you know it’s some high quality stuff. After setting it up with the two of us for all of ten minutes we were so excited to get out camping this summer. All the seams were stitched very well, everything fit together perfectly, and was very intuitive to set up. It’s very roomy and very dark as they say. We love the color, most camping gear is brightly colored for high visibility, but we don’t really camp in crazy conditions so we enjoy the toned down colors. We also got the ratchet straps and the footprint. The straps are inexpensive enough and work very well you might as well get them, but the foot print is a must, it’s incredibly thick, I wanted to protect my investment and it was well worth it I think. One thing I didn’t know until it came, the stakes that come with it are really nice and stainless steel and look like they will last forever. My only disappointment is the heat shield is not in stock at the moment, but I’m told will be soon. Looking forward to many adventures when we have the whole kit.


Fast shipping! Best tent I’ve purchased! Is everything they advertised! Well worth the money easy! Fast set up! Legit company, legit products!

The tent to rule all tents!

I could not be happier with the Obsidian tent, it is a huge upgrade from the conventional material & design.
First of all, it looks cool as hell. I love the aesthetics of this tent inside & out.
Set-up is pretty easy & straight forward especially after you get the hang of it. Though it is large & somewhat heavy. So if you're a smaller person you may need a hand.
The insulating material works great, I use a zero-breeze a/c unit and I had to keep it on the lowest setting. There is a clear temperature difference when ever you walk inside & out of the tent.
The build quality is very impressive, all zippers/openings worked great. It's very clear to see the high quality in every aspect of the tent.
I did purchase the footprint heavy duty vinyl accessory with it and felt it was very much worth it. It protects the tent that much more and also keeps the bottom dry from the wet ground so I didn't have to worry about drying it out when I was done & packed up.
If you are serious about camping this is very professional product and worth every bit of the price tag

Matt P
Exceptional Quality and Convenience: A Perfect Outdoor Shelter Solution

I recently tested the rapid deployment shelter system, including its heat shield, heavy-duty footprint, and ratcheting ropes, in my yard. I'm impressed by the exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Contrary to my expectations, everything was flawless. This tent system checks all the boxes for a camping shelter.

I paired it with the Ecoflow Wave 2 A/C and heater system, and the fit was perfect. The insulation and 600D oxford wall material efficiently retain heat in winter and cool air in summer, making a noticeable 10-degree difference within minutes.

The spacious interior comfortably fits a queen-sized air mattress and all my gear. It's ideal for my 8-day railroad travels, offering a serene state park retreat over hotel stays. This shelter is more appealing than any hotel I've experienced and saves me the expense and hassle of a 45K camper.

Packing it away was a breeze, and the durable, waterproof carry bag is a bonus. I'm confident this system will be a long-lasting, valuable investment for both family trips and work travels. Thank you for such a remarkable product.

Jeffrey Hoss Lors

This tent is awesome!
Full evaluation on my blog!
Bottom line - my son loves it!